CNC Fabrication

With over 60 years of manufacturing experience and with extensive international trading history, Termate is a brand that can provide a high-quality service with extensive care.  

With access to state-of-the-art machinery, we are using our plastic manufacturing skills to assist you in producing both large scale and small engineered plastic parts. 

Our machines offer a wide range of capabilities that can adapt to any project and with our dedicated machining experts we can help you plan and produce high-quality products and components. 


Working from our headquarters in Nottingham, UK, our bespoke plastic machining services are available for both national and international clients. Across Termate, we always push for continual improvement when it comes to producing our parts and plastic machining services, ensuring that you receive a service that exceeds expectations. 

We listen, understand, and care by involving you in every stage of the production process. 

Access to knowledgeable technical industry experts means that we can help you comply with the suitable British and International Standards for your project. At our Nottingham site, we can accommodate projects that require singles runs, prototypes, or large-scale batch fabrication.


If you need special requirements for your project, get in touch, and speak to one of our experts.