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Busbar Supports

We offer a number of alternative types of busbar supports, some are multi line fixed centre “comb supports”, while others are single phase supports. This type can be used in both AC and DC applications.

Below you will see a selection of types, by clicking on the below icons or View Specification you will access all the versions of that type of support.

Mx Range

The MX range of busbar supports are available in a variety of fixed configurations, offering supports for your entire range of panels with the same uniform and sleek design. 

The MX range offers Icw ratings of up to 65 kA/3 s.

These multi-phase supports offer quick and easy installation for three phase or three phase and neutral requirements. Versions are available for different conductor centres, number of phases and bars.

Supports are also available to fit insulated copper, with both metric and imperial versions.

  • Up to 65 kA/3 s fault rating
  • UL Recognised Component; File Number: E505645

VMS Range

The VMS range offers a versatile solution with a superb Icw rating. As a single phase support, they can be installed to suit your application. Whether AC or DC.

The VMS range of supports achieve fault ratings of up to Icw rating of 100 kA/1 s.

Each support can hold one, two or three conductors, and can be used without spacers to give any desired conductor centres or with spacers to create 110 mm, 122.5 mm and 130 mm conductor centres.

  • Up to 100 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Single phase units to give a wide scope for design and application
  • UL Recognised Component; File Number: E505645

RMS Range

The RMS range of supports offer a solution for 3 × 10 mm, 3 × 10 mm insulated, and 6 × 5 mm conductors.

The RMS range of supports achieve fault ratings of up to 65 kA/1 s.

Their rail mounted design makes them easy to install, and their glass reinforced polyamide material makes them strong and lightweight.

  • Up to 65 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Rail mounted to give incredible installation versatility
  • UL Recognised Component; File Number: E505645

DBBS Range

The DBBS range offers a flexible solution for small power distribution applications.

The DBBS range is capable of Icw ratings of up to 50 kA/1 s.

They offer easy connection to moulded case circuit breakers. The intelligent design accommodates 20, 25, 30×10 mm, and 20, 25×5 mm conductors in one support. There is a 3 phase and a 3 phase + neutral version available.

  • Up to 50 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Suitable for 5 conductor sizes

FBS Range

The FBS busbar supports offer an adaptable solution for flat conductors.

The FBS supports are capable of achieving Icw ratings of up to 50 kA/1 s. The innovative design accommodates a range of conductor sizes from 3 mm to 10 mm in one support. The supports are sold as bottoms and tops, giving the ability to stack a number of tops to give a wide range of configurations.

  • Up to 50 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Stackable units to give a range of configurations

DMC Range

The DMC range encompasses Termate’s traditional busbar supports.

DMC supports are available for Icw ratings up to 100 kA/1 s. These supports are compression moulded, unlike the black busbar supports which are injection moulded. There are a range of supports for different line centres and number of conductors.

  • Up to 100 kA/1 s fault rating
  • UL Recognised Component; File Number: E505645

Busbar supports, sometimes referred to as busbar clamps or busbar braces, provide support and insulation in electrical assemblies where current carrying busbars (conductors) are present.

Polyamide busbar supports are often found in low voltage electrical panel boards, such as control panels, distribution boards, switchboards, electrical power boards and power factor correction boards. As well as providing support and insulation, busbar clamps are designed to cope with the forces associated with short circuits and the ongoing temperatures of conductors potentially running at 140 °C.

As with all Termate products, our busbar supports have been put through expert, rigorous and independent testing to ensure their suitability for their intended application. Our busbar supports are tested to give you the confidence, that when correctly installed in your own assembly, they will meet their specified ratings, reducing the risk of unexpected failure during the assemblies’ design verification tests.

We utilise the requirements of IEC 61439: Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies and offer supports with Icw fault ratings of up to 100 kA/1 s. Various tests have been performed to ensure the supports’ suitability, including glow wire and dielectric tests.

The majority of our busbar support ranges are UL recognised components and can be found under the catalogue number E505645. The recognition falls under the categories: Panelboard and Switchboard Accessories – Components and Panelboard and Switchboard Accessories Certified for Canada – Components. The ranges which are UL recognised are indicated in their technical information.

Our busbar supports which are UL recognised have also been installed in electrical equipment tested inaccordace with UL891, UL508A and UL1558.

Termate have been expertly manufacturing specialised insulation products in the heart of the UK for more than 60 years. We manufacture all our busbar supports in our Nottingham factory, so you can be assured of their high quality. We have complete control over our production schedules, which allows us to offer our customers flexibility in lead times. Our in-house product development team constantly seeks to improve existing products and develop new, innovative parts for our customers.