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unique products

Where standard ends, innovation begins: Discover Termate’s unique offerings.

These products can be used in both AC and DC applications.

Due to the unique nature of some of these products, further information is only available by contacting our team.


Originally developed for our Te-Bar earth bar.
The T635-SF is a unique ancillary support ideal for earthing or grounding systems such as the Halo Ground System (HGS), Server Room Faraday Cage Earthing Systems, as well as standard earth bar solutions.

These single pole supports offer quick and easy installation of two bar arrangements.
The clamping arrangement is suitable for 19 to 25 mm (¾ to 1 Inch) x 6mm (¼ inch) conductors.

The outboard fixings can be fixed directly to brick or blockwork.

Minimum order quantity: 50 parts

IP Rated busbar Bushing

Unleash Flexibility: Integrate Termate’s IP Rated Insulated Bushing for diverse conductor sizes.

These products incorporate tailored solutions to suit your unique requirements.

Suitable for AC & DC Applications.

Up to IP55: Providing a high level of dust and water ingress resistance, keeping your equipment  protected in demanding environments.

Standard outer frame: Enabling consistent design allowing rapid integration within rapidly developing infrastructure.

Unique adapter plates: Providing versatility and adaptability to various conductor sizes, shapes, and material types.

Secure conductor management: Providing reliable and secure passage of conductors, ensuring safety and performance. 

  • Up to IP55 – IEC 60529
  • Utilising UL appropriate materials.
  • Conductor not provided.

FBS Range

The FBS busbar supports offer an adaptable solution for flat conductors.

The FBS supports are capable of achieving Icw ratings of up to 50 kA/1 s. The innovative design accommodates a range of conductor sizes from 3 mm to 10 mm in one support. The supports are sold as bottoms and tops, giving the ability to stack a number of tops to give a wide range of configurations.

  • Up to 50 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Stackable units to give a range of configurations

Our unique product ranges provide technical solutions for a variety of applications, with many of these having been supplied and deployed globally.

These applications include:

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Data Centres and Server Rooms
  • Photovoltaic Assemblies
  • Marine Applications

Providing technical solutions to meet our customers needs has been at the core of our business for many decades. Having inhouse design and manufacturing capability enables us to deliver a level of expertise and service that exceeds expectation.

Termate have been expertly manufacturing specialised insulation products in the heart of the UK for more than 60 years. We manufacture all our unique products in our Nottingham factory, so you can be assured of their high quality.

We have complete control over our production schedules, which allows us to offer our customers flexibility in lead times. Our in-house product development team constantly seeks to improve existing products and develop new, innovative parts for our customers.