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Neutral Links

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Neutral Links

Measurements in mm

Part Number3D ModelCurrent
TNL125TNL125 STEP file125 A441640155134245.5M6M8×2010
TNL250TNL250 STEP file250 A442040165144245.5M6M8×2010
TNL400TNL400 STEP file400 A68306025222836 (20)5.5M6M10×255
TNL630TNL630 STEP file630 A88406025222836 (20)5.5M6M10×255
TNL800TNL800 STEP file800 A12124055273243325.5M6M10×401
TNL1000TNL1000 STEP file1000 A12125060273243325.5M6M10×401

neutral link cover

Measurements in mm

Part Number3D ModelLMNPFits ProductBox
TNL250CVTNL250CV STEP file245304535TNL125 & TNL25010
TNL630CVTNL630CV STEP file440457085TNL400 & TNL6305
TNL1000CVTNL1000CV STEP file440607080TNL800 & TNL10001

Technical Specification—Neutral Link

  • Conductor: Tin Plated High Conductivity Copper
  • Support: Glass Reinforced Polyamide 6.6
  • Equipment Voltage Ue: 690 V AC, 690 V DC
  • Insulation Voltage Ui: 690 V AC, 690 V DC
  • Impulse Voltage Uimp: 8 kV
  • Glow Wire: 960 °C

Technical Specification—cover

  • Material: Polyamide 6
  • Flammability: UL 94 V-0
  • IP Rating: Neutral Link plus shroud IP2X
  • Glow Wire: 650 °C

Bottom View: TNL125, TNL250 (Max. Tight Torque M6 6 N·m, M8 19 N·m, (H) 4 N·m)

Side View: TNL125, TNL250

Bottom View: TNL400, TNL630 (Max. Tight Torque M6 6 N·m, M10 32 N·m, (H) 4 N·m)

Side View: TNL400, TNL630

Bottom View: TNL800, TNL1000 (Max. Tight Torque M6 6 N·m, M10 32 N·m, (H) 4 N·m)

Side View: TNL800, TNL1000

Termate’s IEC 61439-2 compliant solution is suitable for arrangements where a 3-pole device is to be fitted but the electrical system requires a neutral link. This reliable and functional solution incorporates an isolation facility and all sizes can be fitted with an optional cover.

Our Neutral Links offers the flexibility of installation as a stand-alone product, providing users with the freedom to choose which method best suits their switchgear requirements.

The combination of IEC 61439-2 conformity, along with this versatility in fitting options, makes Termate’s neutral link ideal for many applications and environments.

With its robust construction and proven reliability, you can trust that it will provide a safe and secure connection every time.