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Making Strides To Expand Operations And Markets

Termate extends manufacturing to larger component sizes, for our own products or those developed in-house for specifically customers.
Photograph of Termate's Investment in a new injection moulding facilities and equipment

With our long-standing dedicated team, Termate has been successfully manufacturing low voltage insulating products and parts for the electrical industry since 1956. As demand for products grows, we are taking steps to future-proof the business with significant investment in the production facility in Nottingham, allowing us to expand current injection moulding capacity and capabilities. 

According to an International Energy Agency (IEA) report for 2021 globally, renewable electricity capacity is forecast to increase by over 60% between 2020 and 2026. With such growth, the demand for power distribution and energy storage equipment also rises.

Power distributing equipment, such as low-voltage switchgear assemblies used in electricity transmission, requires insulated components (produced in our Nottingham facility) to hold the conductors when they are live. Whilst these components are small, they are extremely important in allowing electrical assemblies like these to be safe and fit for purpose.

Forging New Relationships

Back in May 2020, Termate began working closely with an international manufacturer in the energy storage market. As a result of this new relationship, Termate is now the sole supplier of specialised insulating bushings which were designed, developed, and manufactured from the ground up for this new energy storage product, making it one of Termate’s largest projects to date.

This client is now distributing their new energy storage system globally and Termate’s contribution to this next-generation energy storage system will ensure consistent output for many years to come. With Termate experiencing overall growth, we took advantage of the opportunity to expand our production resources by purchasing a brand new high specification injection moulding machine.

Photograph of Termate's Investment in a new injection moulding facilities and equipment

Future Proofing

David Bristow, Operations Director for Termate explains how this acquisition will improve Termate’s production capabilities for future work:

“Our new injection moulding machine continues our strategy of investment in modern energy efficient equipment, as all of our injection moulding machines have been replaced in the last 6 years.  The latest acquisition also extends our capability regarding larger component size and maximises our opportunity for proposing the most economic number of impressions within tooling, whether this be for our own products or those developed in-house for specific Customers.” 

David Bristow – Operations Director

Our future-proofing investments were necessary to accommodate our expanding markets, with recent projects seeing products used in flywheel energy storage for renewable energy and switchgear for data centre power distribution.

With the demand for quality, British-made products and services remaining an appealing prospect for national and international clients, our recent steps give us the capability to produce on a larger scale and fulfil orders for electrically insulating parts in the continually advancing electrical industry. With this said, Termate stands strong heading into 2022!

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