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Termate’s range of standoff insulators gets…SMALLER

AM1 Product Launch
Photograph of Termate's ranges of insulating standoffs

We are delighted to launch this new 20mm footprint insulators. Our fully stocked range is in sizes from 20–35 mm heights and with M5 and M6 metric threads. Termate’s iconic and trusted standoffs are now available in heights from 20–100 mm and with covering both metric and imperial threads. all required STEP files and technical details  of the product can be found on the product webpage.

Our technical experts have been working hard to ensure that even with the reduced footprint the AM1 range will have comparable mechanical and electrical properties of our larger footprints.

They have the same rated voltages of 1000 AC, 1500 DC and an impulse withstand voltage of 12kv and are made of the same glass-reinforced polyamide 6.6 for strength. In so doing, the AM1’s like the AM2’sAM4’s, and AM6’s, are self-extinguishing and halogen free.

Photograph of Termate's family of standoff insulators

To meet our promise of extensive testing the AM1 range has undergone cantilever and tensile strength testing and we are working with UL (Underwriters  Laboratories’) to secure the AM1 a UL listing.

Along with all our standoff insulator, these are manufactured at our United Kingdom injection moulding facility and are in stock and available for your project.

Our team of experts can assist on insulator selection and use—contact us today or read more about Termate’s Standoff Insulators…

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