Grub Screw Pack

Termate offer a range of male studs that you can fit to our female insulators in order to create either a female/male or male/male version. The studs are supplied with a hex socket end for easy fitting and feature a ‘patchlock’ which will lock the tightened stud in place and avoids the need to use a separate stud locking adhesive.

Photograph of the Termate Grub Screws, together with a suggested application with our Standoff Insulator range
Digital rendering of Termate grub screw

Technical data

Part numberThread SizeStud Length (mm)Hex Socket Size (mm)Recommended Insertion Torque- Male Stud (N·m)Box Qty.


To calculate the projection of the stud from, for example, a Termate barrel insulator, you can use the formula:

Stud Length – Thread Depth ± 2mm tolerance

The thread depth [D] can be found within the standoff insulator’s technical data, and the ± 2mm refers to the expected tolerances of the set screw, and of the insulator’s thread. As an example, for the AM4-040-08 with the M08-40SLP headless screw:

M08-40SLP Stud Length – AM4-040-08 Thread Depth ± 2mm tolerance

= 40 mm – 11 mm ± 2mm tolerance

= 29 mm ± 2mm tolerance

Tightening torque

Having inserted the stud into the standoff insulator, the tightening torque of the final product should not exceed the maximum tightening torque of the standoff insulator, which is detailed on the standoff insulator product page.



Locking Patch



45H High Grade Carbon Steel (Zinc plated)

Nylon 11

Cup Point

BS EN ISO 4029 : 2003

Please Note: Our range of grub screws are manufactured from high grade carbon steel. Should a breakage occur due to internal hydrogen embrittlement, while inside our warranty period, the part will be replaced on an individual basis.