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AM4 – 35mm A/F

Technical Data

Plan and side view diagrams of the Termate standoff insulators in the AM4 footprint. Labels show width across flats is 35mm, width across corners is 38mm, base diameter is 30mm, and shoulder height is 10mm. Other dimensions are labelled with a letter, indicating a specific measurement in the table below.

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Part number3D ModelHeight
[H] (mm)
Thread Size*
Thread Depth
[D] (mm)
Tightening Torque
Tensile Strength**
Cantilever Strength**
Box Qty.
AM4-030-06AM4-030-06 STEP file30M671112300640060
AM4-030-08AM4-030-08 STEP file30M892815500930060
AM4-035-06AM4-035-06 STEP file35M671112300600060
AM4-035-08AM4-035-08 STEP file35M892815900880060
AM4-035-10AM4-035-10 STEP file35M101055190001240060
AM4-040-06AM4-040-06 STEP file40M671112200550050
AM4-040-08AM4-040-08 STEP file40M8112816300840050
AM4-040-10AM4-040-10 STEP file40M101055195001180050
AM4-045-06AM4-045-06 STEP file45M671112200500050
AM4-045-08AM4-045-08 STEP file45M8112816700790050
AM4-045-10AM4-045-10 STEP file45M101655200001120050
AM4-050-06AM4-050-06 STEP file50M671112200460025
AM4-050-08AM4-050-08 STEP file50M8112817100740025
AM4-050-10AM4-050-10 STEP file50M101655205001060025
AM4-050-12AM4-050-12 STEP file50M121695266001400025
AM4-060-08AM4-060-08 STEP file60M8112817900650025
AM4-060-10AM4-060-10 STEP file60M10165521400950025
AM4-060-12AM4-060-12 STEP file60M121695271001140025

* Fixing details: Hole diameter = Standoff thread size [M]+1 mm. e.g. M6 Thread = 7 mm hole diameter

** Tensile and Cantilever Strength figures are based on tests carried out at normal room temperature, nominal 23 °C

Our metric insulators can be converted into Male/Male or Female/Male versions by fitting studs from our Grub Screw Pack.

UL Listing

UL Recognised Component

File Number E505645



Glass Reinforced Polyamide 6.6

Insert Material


Operating Temperature

−40 °C to +130 °C


UL 94 V-0

Oxygen Index


Glow Wire

960 °C


Equipment Voltage, Ue
1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
Insulation Voltage, Ui
1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
Impulse Voltage, Uimp
12 kV

Standoff Insulators:


Suitable for a variety of assemblies, the AM4  standoff insulator range supplies excellent mechanical strength and electrical insulation.

Post insulators, egg insulators, bobbin insulators, and busbar isolators are all terms used to describe standoff insulators.

Our AM4 insulating standoffs come in different heights from 30 mm to 60 mm, as well as insert sizes of M6 to M12. Heights, thread depths and sizes, maximum tightening torques, cantilever and tensile strengths, and box quantities are all listed in the table above.

The AM4 insulators have the following properties:

  • Halogen Free
  • Equipment voltage of up to 1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
  • Insulation voltage of up to 1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
  • Operating temperature ranging from −40 °C to +130 °C
  • UL Recognised Component; file number E505645
  • Made from UL 94 V-0 rated, self-extinguishing material

Try our standoff insulator cross-reference tool.

Explore the AM1, AM2, or AM6 range of standoff insulators.

Termate AM4 standoff insulators are manufactured from halogen free glass-reinforced polyamide 6.6 material and contain precision threaded brass alloy inserts for greater corrosion resistance.

The injection moulding process we use to manufacture our electrical insulating parts improves overall product quality and design accuracy.


Product testing is critical for any component that will be used in an electrical or mechanical system.

Professional, thorough, and independent testing has been performed on the AM4 standoff insulator range to assure efficacy when installed correctly in their intended assembly.

Our Standoff insulator range is a UL Recognised Component, more information can be found at UL Product IQ.

One of the most widely used tests for determining the ability of plastic parts to self-extinguish after the heat source has been removed is UL 94. All Termate standoffs meet V-0 requirements for the UL 94 test standard.

AM4 insulating standoff spacers are designed and tested in line with the relevant clauses of BS EN IEC 61439 for low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.

Our standoff insulators have undergone comprehensive testing, including cantilever, torque, and tensile tests, to give you peace of mind that they will fulfil specified ratings when fitted appropriately.


These standoff insulators are designed to hold live busbars and other active conductors as an insulating support, safely and securely, by keeping a gap between two surfaces and is appropriate for assemblies up to 1000 V AC & 1500 V DC.

The electrical insulation and mechanical strength of the support are critical in these types of systems.

A list of some of the most common applications for our insulators include:

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Electrical panel boards
  • Control panels
  • Switchboards
  • EV power trains
  • Power factor correction
  • Distribution boards
  • Generators
  • Switchgear
  • Controlgear
  • Drives, inverters and converters.

Power distribution, rail (rolling stock & trackside), renewable energy, UPS (temporary and emergency power), and data centre power distribution are all examples of sectors where these electrical installations and assemblies are used.

For over 60 years, Termate has designed and manufactured electrical insulating parts and components at our UK-based site. Every insulating plastic product we make is of the highest quality so that we can provide electrical insulating solutions that are safe and suitable for purpose. By becoming a part of our portfolio of trusted customers, we can provide time-effective results for your projects.

Termate is committed to the highest standard of customer focus and we have made every effort to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in this data. Where improvements to our products affect their installation and usage we endeavour to contact any customers who may be affected.

Warranty as stated in our Terms and Conditions of Trading is void if any modification is made to the warranted product.