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Powering Up the Future of Battery Energy Storage

Build reliable and efficient Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with Termate’s high-performance components.

The Battery Energy Storage sector is booming, and Termate is at the forefront, providing critical components specifically designed for this exciting technology. Our IP55-rated bus bar bushings offer exceptional performance and safety. These along with our Standoff Insulators provide the electro-mechanical support so your EESS operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Why Choose Termate for Your BESS Needs?
Safety First: Our products meet the highest global standards for BESS applications, including UL and IEC requirements.
Streamlined Installation: The standardized outer frame of our IP-rated bushings allows for quick and easy integration into your EESS infrastructure.
Adaptable Solutions: Unique adapter plates provide compatibility with a wide range of conductor sizes, shapes, and materials.
Durability You Can Trust: Termate’s insulating supports (standoff insulators) are built to withstand demanding DC short circuit forces, ensuring long-term reliability.

Termate: Committed to Global Standards
We understand the importance of adhering to international safety regulations. That’s why our products are rigorously tested and comply with leading standards like UL 9450 and IEC 62933-5-1.

Termate: Your Partner in Building a Sustainable Future
Battery Energy Storage plays a vital role in the transition to a clean energy future. By providing high-quality, safety-focused components, Termate is proud to be part of this movement.

Ready to take your BESS project to the next level?
Contact our team today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how Termate’s solutions can empower your energy storage applications.