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We Switched To 100% Green Gas & Electricity

As part of Termate's commitment to our environmentally friendly ethos, we've switched to a 100 percent green electricity supplier.
Image of offshore wind turbines and a field with a biomethane plant

As part of our commitment to our environmentally friendly ethos, we’ve switched to a 100 percent green electricity supplier that uses eco and climate-friendly energy sources like wind. This green energy helps power our manufacturing equipment, such as our moulding machines. Along with this change, we also receive our gas from a renewable biomethane source.

Although pure green tariffs are more expensive than standard energy tariffs, we believe it is the right thing to do and that we should uphold our values as a responsible company. This is only one of the many steps we have taken to reduce waste and minimise our carbon footprint. 

Our green electricity tariff is a 100% renewable energy tariff from our supplier and is not a ‘greenwashing’ tariff. ‘Greenwashing’ is the practice of giving the appearance that a company’s environmental credentials are better than they are. If a supplier claims to offer 100% green power rates while nevertheless purchasing electricity generated from fossil fuels, it would be greenwashing. Instead, our supplier provides 100% of the electricity from their own renewable energy initiatives.

We also provide electricity for our offices with solar panels installed on the roof of our facility. This self-generated electricity provides us with the power to operate the fundamentals our offices need, such as lighting, computers, and our much beloved canteen fridge.

Over the last six years, we have replaced all of the injection moulding machines on our manufacturing floor in order to improve production efficiency while minimising energy usage.

Man operating injection moulding machine

We actively seek ways to continuously improve our environmental credibility, and these changes have played an important part in our ongoing goal of achieving greater environmental sustainability

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