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Break the Mold:

High-Performance Standoff Insulators for the American and Canadian Markets

Five years ago, Termate completely redesigned its insulating support range. We prioritized user needs, collaborating with designers and manufacturers across various industries, from switchboard builders to EV charging equipment makers.

The result? A range of insulators exceeding expectations in diverse applications. Made from glass reinforced flame-retardant material, they handle a wide operating temperature range and boast high mechanical strength for short-circuit fault conditions.

Termate offers a complete range of body sizes with UNC and metric inserts, ensuring compatibility with your projects. Understanding your needs, we’ve obtained UL Component Recognition for our insulators. Where applicable, they comply with UL891 Annex G‘s brace and support requirements for panelboard and switchboard accessories.

Termate is committed to exceeding customer expectations. We manufacture our standoff insulators in a facility certified to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. This rigorous standard ensures consistent quality, optimal performance, and reliable production processes.  By choosing Termate, you can be confident you’re receiving superior standoff insulators that meet the most demanding applications.

Don’t settle for the same old.  Upgrade to Termate standoff insulators – a unique blend of style, performance, and US safety compliance; Select one of the footprints below or click here for our competitor comparison tool.


Footprint Height [H] | Thread Size [M] Width across flats [W] inches Width across corners [X] inches Base diameter [Y] inches Shoulder height [Z] inches
AU2 See full AU2 range 1 1⅛ ¼
AU4 See full AU4 range 1⅜
AU6 See full AU6 range 2⅜ 2⁹⁄₁₆ 2⅛
Diagram showing the location of dimensions on the standoff insulator


Footprint Height [H] | Thread Size [M] Width across flats [W] mm Width across corners [X] mm Base diameter [Y] mm Shoulder height [Z] mm
AM1 See full AM1 range 18 20 15 4
AM2 See full AM2 range 25 27 22 6
AM4 See full AM4 range 35 38 30 10
AM6 See full AM6 range 60 65 53 22.5

Our metric insulators can be converted into Male/Male or Female/Male versions by fitting studs from our Grub Screw Pack.