DBBS Range

The DBBS range offers a flexible solution for small power distribution applications.

The DBBS range is capable of Icw ratings of up to 50 kA/1 s.

They offer easy connection to moulded case circuit breakers. The intelligent design accommodates 20, 25, 30×10 mm, and 20, 25×5 mm conductors in one support. There is a 3 phase and a 3 phase + neutral version available.

  • Up to 50 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Suitable for 5 conductor sizes
3D Rendering showing Termate's DBBS Range of Busbar Supports

3 phase or 3 phase + Neutral

  • Material: Glass Reinforced Polyamide 6.6
  • Conductor Temp: 140 °C
  • Flammability: UL 94 V-0
  • Glow Wire: 960 °C
  • Termate Icw Rating:

25 kA for 3 s @
315 mm support spacing
50 kA for 1 s @
220 mm support spacing

  • Equipment Voltage, Ue: 690 V AC, 690 V DC
  • Insulation Voltage, Ui: 690 V AC, 690 V DC
  • Impulse Voltage, Uimp: 6 kV

In line With the limits set out in IEC 61439, insulating components in contact with conductors may be required to continuously operate at an average of 140 °C (max. 145 °C).

This range of products meets the requirement, the material for them being assigned thermal class F established using methods similar to IEC 60085

All 3 parts are included in the part number – you stack the parts to suit your application
Part Number3D Model
(20 mm conductor)
3D Model
(25 mm conductor)
3D Model
(30 mm conductor)
Number of Phases
DBBS-3P20mm DBBS-3P STEP file25mm DBBS-3P STEP file30mm DBBS-3P STEP file3
DBBS-4P20mm DBBS-4P STEP file25mm DBBS-4P STEP file30mm DBBS-4P STEP file4

Key: Colour code for illustration only, supplied parts are all black

20 mm
25 mm

30 mm

Diagram showing the fixing instructions for a 3 pole installation of the DBBS Busbar Supports

DBBS-3P Busbar Support

3D Rendering and diagrams of dimensions for the DBBS-3P Busbar Supports

DBBS-4P Busbar Support

3D Rendering and diagrams of dimensions for the DBBS-4P Busbar Supports