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VMS Range

The VMS range offers a versatile solution with a superb Icw rating. As a single phase support, they can be installed to suit your application. Whether AC or DC.

The VMS range of supports achieve fault ratings of up to Icw rating of 100 kA/1 s.

Each support can hold one, two or three conductors, and can be used without spacers to give any desired conductor centres or with spacers to create 110 mm, 122.5 mm and 130 mm conductor centres.

  • Up to 100 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Single phase units to give a wide scope for design and application
  • UL Recognised Component; File Number: E505645
3D Render of two of Termate's VMS3-10 Busbar Supports

VMS Busbar Supports & Spacers

VMS3-10, VMS-S110, VMS-S122.5 & VMS-S130

  • Material: Glass Reinforced Polyamide 6.6
  • Conductor Temp.: 140 °C
  • Flammability: UL 94 V-0
  • Glow Wire: 960 °C
  • Equipment Voltage Ue: 1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
  • Insulation Voltage Ui: 1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
  • Impulse Voltage Uimp: 12 kV
  • UL Recognised Component: File number E505645

In line with the limits set out in IEC 61439, insulating components in contact with conductors may be required to continuously operate at an average of 140 °C (max. 145 °C).

This range of products meets the requirement, the material for them being assigned thermal class F established using methods similar to IEC 60085.

Fault Levels—Insulator tested at 300 mm spacing

Part Number3D ModelConductorsSupport
Phase Centres
Icw Rating
Part Number
3D Model
VMS3-10VMS3-10 STEP file2 × 100×1011065 kAsVMS-S110VMS-S110 STEP fileOptional
VMS3-10VMS3-10 STEP file2 × 100×1011080 kAsVMS-S110VMS-S110 STEP fileOptional
VMS3-10VMS3-10 STEP file2 × 100×10122.580 kA*#sVMS-S122.5VMS-S122.5 STEP fileOptional
VMS3-10VMS3-10 STEP file2 × 100×1013065 kAsVMS-S130VMS-S130 STEP fileOptional
VMS3-10VMS3-10 STEP file2 × 100×1013080 kAsVMS-S130VMS-S130 STEP fileOptional
VMS3-10VMS3-10 STEP file2 × 100×10130100 kAsVMS-S130VMS-S130 STEP fileRequired

* Fault level extrapolated from data achieved for the VMS-S110

# Part not included in UL Recognised Component File

Plan view of VMS Support and Spacers

Plan view of the Termate VMS Bus Support System and Spacers, demonstrating the flexibility for installation having two different sized spacers

VMS3-10 Busbar Support

Diagrams showing the dimensions of the VMS3-10 Busbar Support

VMS-S110 Spacer

Diagrams showing the dimensions of the VMS-S110 Spacer

VMS-S130 Spacer

Diagrams showing the dimensions of the VMS-S130 Spacer

Typical Installations

3 pole assembly at 130 mm phase centres using spacers

Diagram showing the VMS Busbar Supports for a 3 Pole Assembly at 130 mm Phase Centres using VMS-S130 Spacers

4 pole assembly at 110 mm phase centres using spacers

Diagram showing the VMS Busbar Supports for a 4 pole assembly at 110mm phase centres with the VMS-S130 Spacers

3 pole assembly—versatile mounting

Diagram showing the VMS Busbar Supports in a versatile mounting

Typical assembly

3D Rendering showing a typical assembly of the VMS Busbar Supports and Spacers

Termate is committed to the highest standard of customer focus and we have made every effort to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in this data. Where improvements to our products affect their installation and usage we endeavour to contact any customers who may be affected.

Warranty as stated in our Terms and Conditions of Trading is void if any modification is made to the warranted product.