FBS Range

The FBS busbar supports offer an adaptable solution for flat conductors.

The FBS supports are capable of achieving Icw ratings of up to 50 kA/1 s. The innovative design accommodates a range of conductor sizes from 3 mm to 10 mm in one support. The supports are sold as bottoms and tops, giving the ability to stack a number of tops to give a wide range of configurations.

  • Up to 50 kA/1 s fault rating
  • Stackable units to give a range of configurations
3D Render, cropped, of Termate's FBS Range of Busbar Supports

FBS3-10T & FBS3-10B

  • Material: Glass Reinforced Polyamide 6.6
  • Conductor Temp.: 120 °C
  • Flammability: UL 94 V-0
  • Glow Wire: 960 °C
  • Equipment Voltage Ue: 1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
  • Insulation Voltage Ui: 1000 V AC, 1500 V DC
  • Impulse Voltage Uimp: 12 kV

In line with the requirements set out in IEC 61439, FBS supports are capable of carrying conductors operating at an average of 120 °C (max. 125 °C), the material for the supports having a satisfactory thermal index value established using methods similar to IEC 60216.

Part Number3D Model
FBS PositionWidth Across FlatsWidth Across Corners
FBS3-10TFBS3-10T STEP fileTop50 mm57.7 mm
FBS3-10BFBS3-10B STEP fileBottom50 mm57.7 mm

FBS3-10 Fault Levels

ConductorsSupport SpacingTermate Icw RatingDuration
1 × 75×10 mm300 mm50 kA1 s
1 × 50×10 mm300 mm50 kA1 s
2 × 50×10 mm300 mm50 kA1 s
1 × 50×10 mm450 mm36 kA1 s
1 × 30×3 mm300 mm76 kAIcc Peak
1 × 25×10 mm300 mm36 kA1 s
1 × 25×10 mm450 mm36 kA1 s

Typical Installations

Diagrams showing typical installations of the FBS Range for conductor sizes of 3, 5, 6/6.3, 8, and 10 mm
Dimensions for the FBS3-10T Top Support
Dimensions for the FBS3-10B Bottom Support
Diagram showing the 38 mm Space Requirement for FBS in additional to the width of the conductor

FBS3-10 Complete Assembly

Termate reserves the right to alter, without notice, the specification, design, or condition of supply of all its products and services. Dimensions in this catalogue are provided for reference only.

3D Rendering of a complete assembly of 6 busbars held by the FBS Range